It is possible to order reproductions from our picture archive, provided that copyrights are respected and a number of conditions (see contract) are met.

How do I order prints from Amsab-ISH on Vimeo.

Search the catalogue to find the images. Ask reproductions via form below
You will receive a digital reproduction by e-mail. The invoice follows by mail.



Scan: 5 euros

Publication rules: 25 euros

Administrative costs: Euro 2,50


Ordering reproductions

After searching the catalogfill in the desired object numbers (see screenshot):

for pictures, eg: FO.000568 - for posters eg AF.002587

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Contract for the use of photos


hereinafter referred to as the'user'called,

and on the other:

Amsab Institute of Social History, Bagattenstraat 174, 9000 GHENT, here represented by Mr Geert VAN GOETHEM, Director,

After this, the'Depositary'called,
On the publication (author, title, number of pages, publication date, edition)
On the exhibition (title, place, period)
On the broadcast (title, channel, date and time of broadcast)
Or only

Article 1: This contract is a contract for the use of pictures, under any form or by any means, subject to the laws on copyright.

Article 2: The pictures are reproduced and ceded by the depositary for single use by gebruiker.Voor any other use of the images should be obtained the written consent of the custodian.

Article 3: The custodian and the author of the pictures are not responsible for the fotoâ ?? s used or published in other circumstances provided for in the contract.

Article 4: The user adjusts itself to the problems relating to the necessary authorization for the use of works of art or people appearing in the photos. The user is informed that the posting by Amsab-ISH does not authorize the reproduction and Amsab-ISG does not act as agent of the author, or as the holder of the copyright in the work made available.

Article 5: The user will in any use of the photographs expressly mention the custodian of the photos as follows: Amsab Institute of Social History. Should the author, if known, must be explicitly stated. The custodian, the user will be the extent possible indicate the author or his beneficiary and the amount of the payment of fees in accordance with the use. Even in the absence of copyright indication the copyright, possibly associated with the use of the fotoâ ?? s fully borne by the user.

Article 6: At publication will 25 euros (twenty-five euros) will be charged per picture. This usage does not compensate the author nor the payment of the copyrights and includes only the fixed costs of preservation and making available by Amsab-ISH.

Article 7: The publication - at an exhibition catalog; a broadcast, a video copy - that accompanies the use of the pictures or where the photos were taken is delivered to the depositary a copy.

I agree with the contract:*

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